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The People Who Make It Happen

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Belicia is from a family line of Service. Belicia served in U.S. Army. Belicia is fully invested in a movement to serve those who have selflessly served our country. #PAINT22 plans to share a message of joy in this life.  Belicia coordinates projects and is head of operations. Belicia obtained her Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tampa where the business originated from and continues to grow.  Past projects included digital and web-design.Transitioning from computer to canvas inspired the mission of #Paint22.  The idea is to bring a more positive spin on the staggering suicide rate of veterans. Belicia also a creator who sells her artwork through ileArtistry . Business focus is on creating for self for your interior design needs. 

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Secretary and Volunteer Director 

Victoria Pena has been surrounded by loved ones who have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces since she was a child.  She strongly supports and stands by our Military and believes that every member in each branch is a Hero.  

Her position as a Volunteer Director for Paint22 will allow her to build lasting and impressionable relationships. She will serve as the main point of contact for volunteers during events and will also coordinate plans for the events. She also serves as a photographer and documents meeting minutes. She is excited to venture on this journey and looks forward to working with you, one brush at a time.

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Advisory Board Member

Executive Director and Founder at Academy of Music Production Education and Development. Studied Criminal Justice at University of Louisville and is currently going to Harvard University for his PHD. Dave who is also an Air Force Veteran helped Belicia map out her thinking process for Paint22 and continues to inspire us with his innovation and leadership skills within the 501c3 model. He is a proud supporter in our mission and we appreciate his expertise. 




My brother Jaime is a husband, father, and MORE who is a Gunnery Sergeant dedicating his time to training Marines. Jaime is also a real estate investor with properties in multiple locations. During his Service he has encountered brothers taking their lives due to the service. Jaime keeps Paint22 mission in line and focused on raising the awareness and help with suicide prevention. He acts as our checks and balance within the Paint22 Community. Earning his degree in Behavior Science and Business, his mission is to help veterans and military personnel anyway he can. His wife Noemi Adams is currently serving in the National Guard and they share a daughter. 

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